Multiplayer Beta Test

    We are looking for volunteers who’d want to help us test the new multiplayer feature we are currently working on. If you can spare a few hours per week playing against other testers and send bug reports and/or feedback we’d like to hear from you!

    To become a beta tester just follow this link (TestFlight).

    Sidius Nova available for Download!

    After 11 months in development Sidius Nova is finally available for download on the App Store! And yes, it’s for free! So don’t wait any longer: Go check it out!


    Sidius Nova OST available on Bandcamp!

    Click on the image below for more:


    Kickstarter Campaign Successful!

    Sidius Nova has met its goal on Kickstarter!

    A huge thank you to all our backers!!!

    Check out the Battle Tutorial Video

    Map Video Tutorial

    The tutorial covers the map part of the game and explains things like basic control, UI elements, movement, dividing fleets, resource collection, Warp Gate placement, Quantum Teleportation, as well as how to use probes.

    There are a few more details that we don’t mention about resource collection, i.e.:

    • when the Mothership is located on a planet without Warp Gate, its resource collection radius is 2 planets out
    • when the Mothership is located on a planet that has a Warp Gate, its resource collection radius is only 1 planet out
    • a planet that is 2 jumps away from the Mothership and sends out miners gives less resources than planets that are adjacent to the Mothership

    Our goal for the map is to create a platform that provides enough options to give the player plenty of choices in terms of strategy. 

    Introducing the Motherships!
    Motherships will be the centerpiece of your fleet and THE deciding factor for winning or losing a match. They are represented as icons on the Map whilst in battle you’ll be able to behold them in all their glory.

    In-game teaser featuring new Mothership art and our Composer Matt Collins! 

    Aaaand first screenshots are up! Check out “Media” for more

    We’re live! is live!

    If turn-based/real-time Sci-Fi Strategy Games are your thing then you’ve found the right place. With Sidius Nova we want to immerse you in a fierce struggle between Aliens and Humans on your mobile device.

    The game consists of two parts: map and battle.
    On the map you command your Mothership to explore, collect resources, build and spawn ships and construct Warp Gates to outsmart your opponent.
    The battles are action-packed skirmishes between fleets where you use the ships you built to push back and destroy the enemy. The right type of strategy is key here as each ship has different attributes that make it very powerful against others.

    If this sounds promising then have a look at the different tabs and sign up to our forum. We’ll be hosting a beta soon, so stay tuned!