• A mothership next to a star ready to explore and encounter the dangers that lurk in the depths of space.
    • Some miners hauling resources to the mothership so it can build ships and fill its hangars.
    • Motherships of opposing factions conquering planets in order to gain a strategic advantage.
    • Mine layers, a kamikaze, blockade breaker and gunship heading towards the enemy.
    • Mines floating in the air. Fighters hiding under the protective shields of blockade breakers.
    • Having no weapons, the shield generator on its own has no chance against the kamikaze.
    • A blockade breaker plows through a mine field.
    • A shield generator's shield flares up after being hit.
    • This fighter is in luck -- the missile launcher missed its chance to switch lanes.
    • The battles take place on different planets, from desert wastelands to water worlds.

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    Music by Matt Collins

    Main Menu (Sidius Nova) by mattcollinscomposer

    City Battle (Sidius Nova) by mattcollinscomposer

    Sunset Battle (Sidius Nova) by mattcollinscomposer

    Lightning by mattcollinscomposer

    Map Theme (Sidius Nova) by mattcollinscomposer